MBG PSP Practice Exams

Money Back Guarantee

Did you know? You are competing with 100 people for each Federal Government position. Are you prepared?

Prepare With Confidence

PublicServicePrep is so confident with its online product that we will refund your money in full if you fail the tests you are preparing for. Please note our policy applies to the basic pass rate of the PSC only. Some competitions may have higher cut off marks for specific positions. The following tests are covered:

  • GSPAT-120 - Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation Test
  • GCT1-207 - General Competency Test: Level 1
  • GCT2-314 - General Competency Test: Level 2
  • WCPT-351 - Written Communication Proficiency Test
  • GRT - Graduate Recruitment Test
  • OST-200 - Office Skills Test
  • GIT-310/320 - General Intelligence Test
  • SJT-318 - Situational Judgment Test
  • WST - Writing Skills Test (MCT) (Level 2 Only)
  • Wonderlic- Wonderlic Personnel Cognitive Skills Test
  • CBSA- Border Services OTEE Test
  • eCFAT- Canadian Forces Aptitude Test

100% Risk Free

Terms and Agreement:

  1. Refund request must be submitted within 15 days of receiving your test results and is limited to one refund request per client. No refunds will be issued 30 days after the test date.

  2. You must submit by email or fax a copy of your test results from the PSC or government agency you applied to indicating that you were unsuccessful, and have an active account.

  3. You must have completed all practice tests you are studying for and not performed any practice tests after the date of the testing, which you failed. Randomly guessed tests will not be accepted as completed tests.

    For Border Services you must send us your official test date, prior to writing the exam to qualify for a refund.

  4. If you are preparing for more than one exam, you are only entitled to a 50% refund unless you fail all exams for which you are preparing.

  5. Refunds will be issued to clients within 15 business days after refund request has been assessed. PublicServicePrep reserves the right to omit, change or edit the terms and agreement at anytime without advance notice to it's clients.