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Sample Written Exams

Fact: There are two main reasons why people fail recruitment written exams. The first reason is lack of awareness of the types of questions to expect on the real Exam. The second reason is lack of time management skills required to complete the police test in the given time period. At PublicServicePrep, we have designed timed–online practice written exams to help you develop your time management skills and to ensure you are comfortable with the types of questions to expect on the real written test.

PSC Written Exams

Our online practice exams are designed specifically to help you prepare for the following Canadian Government recruitment written exams: Public Service Entrance Exam (PSEE), Situational Judgment Test (SJT), Office Skills Test (OST), General Competency Test (GCT), General Intelligence Test (GIT), Written Communication Proficiency Test (WCPT), Customs Inspector Test (CIT) and many more.
Try our sample Written Exams:

Sample Exams


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